Why I Left Jelly and Slogo.
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Why I Left Jelly and Slogo.
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Have you ever wondered why I left ROBUST? This video will tell you why JELLY SLOGO and I are no longer recording! I hope you all can understand my point of view. :)
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  • Tiger

    Hello, I’m Hassan/Tiger. Jordi, not only did you help me out with my channel but you also gave me a lot of life changing personal advice. I promise I won’t take this chance for granted and I will grind out the best possible content EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. ❤️ Maybe all 5 of us should make a video together one day, that would be pretty epic 😎

    • daewoo3690


    • john guia
      john guia

      That would be awesome 😃

    • bahthearenterprise mimi
      bahthearenterprise mimi

      :3 Awesome

    • game boy
      game boy

      That so awesome for you guys and If you guys are planning to have an another ALgoner Can it be a girl plz. :)

    • Andrew Nesko
      Andrew Nesko


  • zymuan fields
    zymuan fields

    Do what u do jordi keep up the good work ur the best and just know i love u

  • Trap Lord
    Trap Lord

    Well can you plz record again🤧🧡❤️💚

  • Irakli Qajaia
    Irakli Qajaia

    I grew up with these guys and learnt English with them XD . Legendary trio forever

  • Plasma Saif
    Plasma Saif

    What I’ve been eating for yearsssss 🔥 Love u Jordi keep up the Amazing work bro ❤️💫

  • Joseph Jackson
    Joseph Jackson

    Ur a goat


    you were not holding them back. If you like mentoring then do it if that make you happy do it i totally understand you were in a bad spot. i still like you even if you left the group. and you were great with the old group all loves

  • William McCallum
    William McCallum

    Can you play with them again

  • silent gamer186
    silent gamer186

    Wait jellys actually that short

  • Dark eye
    Dark eye

    Girls: Why don't boys cry Boys:

  • Sasha Weyler
    Sasha Weyler

    You are talking good english mijn mede Nederlander

  • Camilo Uriarte
    Camilo Uriarte

    Wow ow tons of veiws

  • VespaMac

    I was watching this and tearing up and all, then a sour snakes ad comes on

  • Axel Olvera
    Axel Olvera


  • Dayanand Shenoy
    Dayanand Shenoy

    Hello wire🙋 BTW this is 2nd time im watching this video🙌

  • WaveCrate

    He left because they can't cope with his bullshit.

  • Angie Flenke
    Angie Flenke

    I've been so sad since like you made this video :-(

  • Wyatt Day
    Wyatt Day

    Craner is horrible he stole money from lanypoo

  • Blurrylattice

    You look different as fuk

  • Daxi Rator
    Daxi Rator


  • Grunge lives
    Grunge lives

    I wish he Kweb would have a talk with Kodi Brown I’d be interested in what they have to say with each other after all these years

  • korbin strong
    korbin strong

    Just gonna leave it at hell ya

  • ImPanda


  • Akachi Animates
    Akachi Animates

    Heart me

  • randy Lockrem
    randy Lockrem

    You guys should do some more vlogs like if you agree

  • Hadi Abboud
    Hadi Abboud

    Can you please start playing whith them again

  • Donovan Gilbert
    Donovan Gilbert

    Can you also help me

    • Donovan Gilbert
      Donovan Gilbert


    • Donovan Gilbert
      Donovan Gilbert

      What you

  • Pro Shuki
    Pro Shuki

    The question is will you film with them at least one more time we need to knowwww

  • Donovan Gilbert
    Donovan Gilbert

    I hope you have fun

  • prankerster master
    prankerster master

    so...........you can rec with them again?😅😅

  • *shaun* the pineapple man
    *shaun* the pineapple man

    If you don't like any of them

  • *shaun* the pineapple man
    *shaun* the pineapple man

    Well f u

  • nijuo joing
    nijuo joing

    I think that jordi HITTED the hardest brick in his life

  • tammi hipkiss
    tammi hipkiss

    Your a awesome influencer your very brave to put it out there 💙💙💙

    • nijuo joing
      nijuo joing


  • Ice Rider
    Ice Rider

    Is it because your voice and channels are terrible


    I’m sorry for your dad

  • Leonardo

    F up

  • Thomas Hamilton-Brown
    Thomas Hamilton-Brown

    I fill so sorry

  • HorrorKidUnlimited

    Help me out

  • Jaison

    That's a really attractive beard.

  • Lucas Ferguson
    Lucas Ferguson

    Your the best

  • juanita690907


  • Muaz Audi
    Muaz Audi

    Jordi if you feeling it can you be with them again?

  • Muaz Audi
    Muaz Audi

    I miss the old times jordi.....

  • zaRy.

    When he say i dony want money youtube: k than ya getting no money

  • Jill Stevens
    Jill Stevens

    Kwebbelkop pls join the group pls man I love ur vids

  • cmlix

    ur head is shaped weird asf

  • Chris Nshuti
    Chris Nshuti

    You re a youtuber and also a nice teacher

  • bryan mierzejewski
    bryan mierzejewski

    Sad story bro

  • Mikus Saulitis
    Mikus Saulitis


  • Mikus Saulitis
    Mikus Saulitis

    This guy needs Jesus

  • MWB Ghost
    MWB Ghost


  • Adam Wallace
    Adam Wallace

    why hello there.

  • Kamila Ammour
    Kamila Ammour

    but still no disstrack

  • NotFlamingo

    I'm still not in a good mental state:( my dad died, my school work is too many, my family forced me to do the school work.

  • LankyGoose

    This better not be like KSI vs W2S like I can’t be prepared for this shit

  • Andreas Ionescu
    Andreas Ionescu

    Dear Kwebbelkop, I've known you for about five years now you're videos are amazing!!! But there is one question i personally want to ask which you might not even see this but is there a way you can somehow help me with my channel? It would mean so much from a youtuber like you, thanks for your time.

  • Minidemigod

    I missed those GTA5 vids

  • fortnitelover77

    Join me



    • mr. name
      mr. name

      Dang thats coll


      it was at 11:26

  • adrian delgado
    adrian delgado

    hello jordi i have been with you 3 since i was 6 i am now 13 you have pushed me through my tough times hope you can keep your head up man

  • Kai Latham
    Kai Latham


  • Jefferson Palomeque
    Jefferson Palomeque

    bruh shut up

  • mr pants
    mr pants

    a litle late tho

  • PurpleHusky

    You did the right thing to step aside I'm happy that your back on your feet but.... Your not the only one that has depression I do to and other people do to 💜but we'll done💜

  • pirate 456
    pirate 456

    From Bart man 😔

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali

    Currently the most like comment is 1.1 million likes lets all try and beat it.

  • Fitzsimmons gaming
    Fitzsimmons gaming

    That's why you started reaction vids

  • bruh agentMC
    bruh agentMC

    why would people dislike this its a video that explains why heleft the group i mean its a youtubers life but still

  • Ben Wooding
    Ben Wooding

    My guy

  • Ben Wooding
    Ben Wooding

    Kwebblekop ur a good man my guy

  • Ben Wooding
    Ben Wooding

    Yo sneep

  • Toxic Gamer
    Toxic Gamer


  • Sathvik L
    Sathvik L

    gg and cheers bro. Great respect.


    It teared me😢😭

  • Morris Jakob Johnson
    Morris Jakob Johnson

    5 of u guys should make a video and be a groupp that would be epic and cool

  • Karloz Jarin
    Karloz Jarin

    This is nice, 2 years of questioning gone

  • Painter

    play with them again! pls!!!!!!

  • SomeFella

    I have never seen jordi so open to us fans before

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover

    They lost a lot of viewers because of you 🥲 we need u back. Do more gta 5 races and hit each other and then golf and hitting each other. I hate golf but u guys made it fun

  • John Michael Bueno
    John Michael Bueno

    But come all caps and probably not right you're probably right on everything you said

  • John Michael Bueno
    John Michael Bueno

    I know you guys are fighting

  • John Michael Bueno
    John Michael Bueno

    Cabal craft you are the worst friend in the world

  • William Mayberry Jr.
    William Mayberry Jr.

    one day can all 4 of yins do a video together again

    • Adventure Freddy
      Adventure Freddy


  • hadi faisal
    hadi faisal

    Please give away a laptop

  • Jaden Zheng
    Jaden Zheng


  • Boomer Mielper Arroyo
    Boomer Mielper Arroyo

    i can understand your pain '^'

  • bobby karthik
    bobby karthik

    Well jordi is following Micheal with his therapy lesson

  • The brainless
    The brainless

    Kwebbelkop I always watching all your video together with your friends I love that time please play together with them I'm you fan from philippines You forgot your friendship bracelet

  • Liz Rodrock
    Liz Rodrock


  • Konrad Sielilo
    Konrad Sielilo

    Oh man I hope you are good🧡🧡🧡

  • Dooter Nooter
    Dooter Nooter

    So does this mean that red couch Jordi is back?

  • Dandan Cuya
    Dandan Cuya

    I just wish you guys are back together

  • Adam Iqran
    Adam Iqran

    you went to deep too deep

  • RJ Gaming
    RJ Gaming

    I love when he says " LETSSSS DO THIS!!!!"

  • random channel
    random channel

    Wow we need more people like you who like to help, your inspirational man thats why I subscribe, I am passionate on my ALgone channel can you coach me please, I have a channel with like 200 subs and I wanna grow it

  • Dani Anwar
    Dani Anwar

    I don't understand how is ALgone so hard??!! Like what is so hard in playing games, editing, and uploading???

  • shadow Yami
    shadow Yami

    Why do we have conflict we should have peace conflict at the end will destroy us all

  • Jordan Jacobs
    Jordan Jacobs

    Honestly i loved watching this not very many people in your standing talk about this kind of thing

  • Emanuel Rozalinov
    Emanuel Rozalinov

    Skdgxo 🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭

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